Reports & briefing papers


Research and Policy Briefing No. 15 - December 2018

FYFA - SHAAP/Eurocare report on Focus on Youth Football and Alcohol

'Dying for a drink' - SHAAP report on alcohol-related mortality in Scotland, October 2018

Research and Policy Briefing No. 14 - The MUP Issue May 2018

Men, Women and Alcohol: Infographics and research by Glasgow Caledonian University, University of Stirling and SHAAP

SHAAP/IAS Report: Women and Alcohol: Key Issues


Alcohol-related Liver Disease: Guidance for Good Practice

Research and Policy Briefing No. 13 August 2017

Mortality among a cohort of heavy drinkers in Edinburgh & Glasgow

Practices and Attitudes of General Practitioners in the delivery of Alcohol Brief Interventions in Scotland

Financial Incentives for Alcohol Brief Interventions in Primary Care in Scotland

Changing Scotland’s relationship with alcohol: Recommendations for further action - joint report by SHAAP, AFS, BMA and Scottish Families affected by Alcohol and Drugs - April 2017

Foul Play? Alcohol Marketing during UEFA Euro 2016 - joint report by SHAAP, Institute for Social Marketing at the University of Stirling, IAS and Alcohol Action Ireland - April 2017

Research and Policy Briefing No.12 February 2017

Responsible thinking: BSA Alcohol Study Group, supported by SHAAP - January 2017


PhD and Early Career Research Symposium - October 2016

Research and Policy Briefing No.11 September 2016

Alcohol Policy in Scotland and Ireland: European Trailblazers or Celtic Fringes? - September 2016

Research and Policy Briefing No.10 May 2016

SHAAP's Top Twenty: A Manifesto for Action on Alcohol - February 2016


Alcohol and Young People Conference Report - December 2015

The social context of LGBT people's drinking in Scotland - December 2015

Research and Policy Briefing No.9 November 2015

Research and Policy Briefing No.8 August 2015

SHAAP Briefing for the Scottish Parliamentary Debate 'Changing Scotland's Relationship with Alcohol' - June 2015

Research and Policy Briefing No.7 January 2015


Alcohol and the Developing Adolescent Brain: Evidence Review - October 2014

Alcohol and Cancer Risks: A Guide for Health Professionals - October 2014

Full proceedings of the Brussels seminar on Minimum Unit Pricing - September 2014

Young Holidaymakers: Alcohol-related Risk Behaviours - June 2014

Research and Policy Briefing No.6 July 2014

Research and Policy Briefing No.5 April 2014

The Importance of Maintaining the Alcohol Duty Escalator - Briefing paper by the Alcohol Health Alliance - February 2014


Alcohol and Adolescence: Briefing Paper from SHAAP - November 2013

Research and Policy Briefing No.4 - December 2013

Research and Policy Briefing No.3 - August 2013

Briefing for EU on Alcohol Misuse and Minimum Unit Pricing - Sep 2013 

Research and Policy Briefing No.2 - June 2013

The (Ir)responsibility deal? Big business and public health, April 2013

SHAAP Research & Policy Briefing No.1 March 2013

Research and Policy Briefing Issue 1 - March 2013


Alcohol and Cancer Risks: A Guide for Health Professionals - February 2013

Briefing to NGOs and European Health Networks - October 2013


Four steps to alcohol misuse - November 2011

Re-thinking alcohol licensing - September 2011

Tackling Scotland’s Alcohol Problem: A five point plan for better health and well-being - August 2011


Getting the Price of Alcohol Right - November 2010

Purchasing Patterns for Low Price Off-Sales Alcohol – Evidence from the Expenditure and Food Survey - May 2010

"Routes to Magic”: The Alcoholic Beverage Industry’s Use of New Media in Alcohol Marketing - March 2010

Routes to Magic: Report summary

Open Letter to Scottish Parliamentarians from Leading Alcohol Scientists in Support of Minimum Pricing for Alcohol - February 2010


CHANGE - December 2009

Alcohol units consumed and price paid per alcohol unit by patients of the Lothian Alcohol Problems Services - November 2009

Untold Damage: Children's Accounts of Living with Harmful Parental Drinking - November 2009

Briefing to MSPs on Minimum Pricing for Alcohol - November 2009

Limiting the Damage of Cheap Alcohol: What are the options? - October 2009

Licensing for Public Health - August 2009

Alcohol and Deprivation - April 2009

Minimum Pricing for Alcohol: Frequently Asked Questions - March 2009


Alcohol: Price, Policy and Public Heath: Report on the findings of the expert workshop on price convened by SHAAP - September 2007