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Calling Time: campaign to ban alcohol sport sponsorship partners with Scottish Masters Cup
Tackling Scotland's Alcohol Problem
The Calling Time campaign, which calls for a ban on alcohol sponsorship of Scottish sport, has been announced as an official sponsor of the 2023 Scottish Masters Cup
The campaign, run by Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP), is based on a wide body of evidence which shows that exposure to alcohol marketing drives consumption and contributes to poor health and cuts lives short. This is particularly problematic for vulnerable groups such as children and young people and people in recovery. 
Every day in Scotland, more than 3 people lose their lives because of alcohol and another 100 are hospitalised. 
The Calling Time campaign is based on the premise that Scottish sports’ fans, including those of big football clubs, should not be exploited by an industry that ultimately causes harm to fans. 
Countries such as Ireland, France, Norway and Lithuania have already implemented partial or complete statutory bans on alcohol sponsorship of sports.
The Scottish Masters event features a series of short matches from footballing legends across Scotland’s famous football teams and takes place on Saturday 9th September at Braehead arena. 
This comes ahead of tomorrow’s Members’ Business Debate, where Carol Mochan MSP will lead discussion on the need to reduce alcohol-related harms in Scotland and the methods to achieve this.
Elinor Jayne, SHAAP Director, commented:
“We are honoured to be a sponsor of the Scottish Masters Cup 2023.
“In Scotland, we are facing a public health crisis with alcohol, and our regular exposure to alcohol marketing is contributing to this. 
“We need to follow the example of our European counterparts and bring an end to alcohol sponsorship of sport to help reduce this constant exposure. 
“Alcohol companies are exploiting our love of sports as a vehicle to promote their products. This should be brought to an end. 
“We should we able to enjoy sports without the constant nudge to drink.”
Steve Black, Masters founder and CEO, commented:
“We are delighted to be working with our partners at the Calling Time campaign on the Scottish Masters cup final. 
“We support their mission to make sports a more positive influence on the lives of fans and agree that football sponsorship shouldn’t be used as a method to influence drinking behaviours. 
“We agree that it is important to protect the next generation from this type of marketing, just as happened with tobacco sponsorship twenty years ago.”
Henry McLeish, former First Minister and author of review into Scottish Football, commented:
"Football is a source of national pride for Scotland, with the highest attendances per capita in Europe. Scottish fans have a unique and special connection to their teams, which is recognised and celebrated internationally. 
"Scottish football should therefore inspire positive relationships, good health, and team spirit. The alcohol industry is exploiting our love of sport to promote a health harming product and this needs to be stopped.
"I’m delighted the Scottish Masters have teamed up with Calling Time to promote the message that it’s time to bring an end to alcohol sport sponsorship."

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