Reports & Policy Briefings

Reports & Policy Briefings

Reports and briefing papers from SHAAP.

26th Mar 2020

SHAAP's advice for heavy drinkers who are planning to cut back or stop drinking in the context of COVID-19.

26th Mar 2020

SHAAP has today issued new recommendations for services supporting people with alcohol-related problems, including ADPs, Commissioners, Alcohol Service Managers, Community Services and Mutual Aid and Support Groups, to enable them to reduce risks and ensure continued support in the COVID-19 context.

5th Mar 2020

SHAAP surveyed the Health Boards in Scotland to ask if they were aware of the Guidance for Good Practice in relation to Alcohol-related Liver Disease, and if so what actions they were taking in relation to its recommendations.

4th Mar 2020

Read the full background research conducted by the Institute for Social Marketing and Health at Stirling University for the AFS/SHAAP report: 'Time to blow the whistle on alcohol sports sponsorship', January 2020

4th Mar 2020
Time to blow the whistle on alcohol sports sponsorship

New report from Alcohol Focus Scotland and SHAAP on research from Stirling University's Institute for Social Marketing and Health  illustrates the extent, nature and frequency of alcohol sponsorship in Scottish football and rugby. Key findings are the wraparound nature of alcohol branding at big events, making it impossible especially for children to avoid seeing alcohol references.

3rd Feb 2020
'Stand up and tell me your story' - SHAAP report on lived experience

Meanings and importance of lived and living experience for alcohol and drug policy: Findings from a qualitative review - New research published by SHAAP February 2020

4th Nov 2019

Updated version of SHAAP brochure 'Alcohol and Cancer Risks: A Guide for Health Professionals' endorsed by the CMO for Scotland, Dr Catherine Calderwood (October 2019)

24th Oct 2018
'Dying for a drink' - SHAAP report on alcohol-related mortality in Scotland

SHAAP report on alcohol-related mortality researched and collated for the Scottish Government, and launched at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh on 26th October 2018.