Reports & briefing papers


Changing Scotland’s relationship with alcohol: Recommendations for further action - joint report by SHAAP, AFS, BMA and Scottish Families affected by Alcohol and Drugs - April 2017

Research and Policy Briefing No.12 February 2017

Responsible thinking: BSA Alcohol Study Group, supported by SHAAP - January 2017


PhD and Early Career Research Symposium - October 2016

Research and Policy Briefing No.11 September 2016

Alcohol Policy in Scotland and Ireland: European Trailblazers or Celtic Fringes? - September 2016

Research and Policy Briefing No.10 May 2016

SHAAP's Top Twenty: A Manifesto for Action on Alcohol - February 2016


Alcohol and Young People Conference Report - December 2015

The social context of LGBT people's drinking in Scotland - December 2015

Research and Policy Briefing No.9 November 2015

Research and Policy Briefing No.8 August 2015

SHAAP Briefing for the Scottish Parliamentary Debate 'Changing Scotland's Relationship with Alcohol' - June 2015

Research and Policy Briefing No.7 January 2015


Alcohol and the Developing Adolescent Brain: Evidence Review - October 2014

Alcohol and Cancer Risks: A Guide for Health Professionals - October 2014

Full proceedings of the Brussels seminar on Minimum Unit Pricing - September 2014

Young Holidaymakers: Alcohol-related Risk Behaviours - June 2014

Research and Policy Briefing No.6 July 2014

Research and Policy Briefing No.5 April 2014

The Importance of Maintaining the Alcohol Duty Escalator - Briefing paper by the Alcohol Health Alliance - February 2014


Alcohol and Adolescence: Briefing Paper from SHAAP - November 2013

Research and Policy Briefing No.4 - December 2013

Research and Policy Briefing No.3 - August 2013

Briefing for EU on Alcohol Misuse and Minimum Unit Pricing - Sep 2013 

Research and Policy Briefing No.2 - June 2013

The (Ir)responsibility deal? Big business and public health, April 2013

SHAAP Research & Policy Briefing No.1 March 2013

Research and Policy Briefing Issue 1 - March 2013


Alcohol and Cancer Risks: A Guide for Health Professionals - February 2013

Briefing to NGOs and European Health Networks - October 2013


Four steps to alcohol misuse - November 2011

Re-thinking alcohol licensing - September 2011

Tackling Scotland’s Alcohol Problem: A five point plan for better health and well-being - August 2011


Getting the Price of Alcohol Right - November 2010

Purchasing Patterns for Low Price Off-Sales Alcohol – Evidence from the Expenditure and Food Survey - May 2010

"Routes to Magic”: The Alcoholic Beverage Industry’s Use of New Media in Alcohol Marketing - March 2010

Routes to Magic: Report summary

Open Letter to Scottish Parliamentarians from Leading Alcohol Scientists in Support of Minimum Pricing for Alcohol - February 2010


CHANGE - December 2009

Alcohol units consumed and price paid per alcohol unit by patients of the Lothian Alcohol Problems Services - November 2009

Untold Damage: Children's Accounts of Living with Harmful Parental Drinking - November 2009

Briefing to MSPs on Minimum Pricing for Alcohol - November 2009

Limiting the Damage of Cheap Alcohol: What are the options? - October 2009

Licensing for Public Health - August 2009

Alcohol and Deprivation - April 2009

Minimum Pricing for Alcohol: Frequently Asked Questions - March 2009


Alcohol: Price, Policy and Public Heath: Report on the findings of the expert workshop on price convened by SHAAP - September 2007