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Help or hindrance? Corporate involvement in international nutrition and alcohol laws

16 Sep 2011


A consortium of non-profit public health advocacy groups will press world leaders and other representatives of the 193 member states to call for strong public policy measures to curb nutrition and alcohol-related diseases and safeguards against conflicts of interest in the...read more

RE-THINKING ALCOHOL LICENSING: New report from SHAAP and AFS calls for more effective controls on how, when and where alcohol is sold to reduce record levels of alcohol-related harm

16 Sep 2011


A new report by SHAAP and Alcohol Focus Scotland launched today (Thursday) at Alcohol Focus Scotland’s National Licensing Conference, calls on licensing boards to make more effective use of licensing legislation to control the overall availability of alcohol and reduce...read more

Scots drinking at higher levels

1 Sep 2011


Retail sales data indicate people in Scotland drinking 2 litres more pure alcohol per adult than people in England in 2010. New analysis of alcohol retail sales figures by NHS Health Scotland also confirms the growing trend towards home drinking with on-sales alcohol purchases...read more