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3 Apr 2014

Big Alcohol, Big Tobacco, Big Influence Seminar, Palace of Westminster

Big Alcohol, Big Tobacco, Big Influence Seminar, Palace of Westminster: The Scottish...
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1 Apr 2014

To the Scotch Whisky Association: Stop fighting minimum pricing

It is now one year to the day when minimum unit pricing should have been introduced in Scotland....
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SHAAP is an independent medical advocacy organisation set up to raise awareness of the nature and extent of harm linked to alcohol use in Scotland, and to campaign for evidence-based measures to reduce this harm. 

Details of our events can be found here:

Our next event is on 24/04/14 when Dr Magda Pieczka & Emma Wood (Queen Margaret University) will be talking about the The AlcoLOLs project.

19th February 2014: David Nutt delivered a presentation at the RCPE: 'Alcohol without the hangover' :  Click here for a copy of Professor David Nutt's slides from his presentation on 19th February 2014

Read a summary of the first seminar presentation from Jemma Lennox: The role of alcohol in young adults' identity creation on Facebook.

Read a summary of the second seminar presentation from Carly Lightowlers: Drinking patterns and violent behaviour amongst young people in England and Wales, secondary analysis of the Offending Crime and Justice Survey